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About us

Bruce McKenzie

Founder and Director


Bruce McKenzie is a change practitioner and academic who develops systemic thinking principles and practices to assist organisations, governments and communities to address their transformational goals to improve productivity, relevance and alignment in a changing world. He is one of the world’s most experienced Systemic practitioners. Recognised globally for successfully building organisational capacity to initiate and manage change, through generating innovative, sustainable strategies and developing alternative ways of thinking about challenges and crisis. He is a director of the Center for Systemic Leadership, director of Systemic Development Associates(SDA), co-founder and president of Future Insight Maps, a pioneer of WindTunneling software and Fulcrum online learning. 

Bruce has worked with organisational leaders in Australia, Europe, Thailand, and the USA seeking to comprehend the magnitude and planning required to initiate dual transformations in both core business repositioning and new offerings in new markets. His work includes mapping out complex issues, developing change management and leadership development programs. His clients are governments, corporate enterprises such as USA EPA, USA Bio-Diesel Industry, Pfizer, CISCO, Lend Lease, Telstra, NBN and Westpac, and community agencies in agriculture, education, health, public utilities, telecommunications and community development.

During his work with Future Insight Maps, Bruce has developed a piece of software that helps explore complex issues associated with organisational transformation. The software allows ideas for improvements to emerge from the collective wisdom of stakeholders. The software is explained on the website and demonstrated in a You Tube video.

Magali Goirand


Magali Goirand is a holistic thinker. She has worked with small and large international high-tech organisations in Europe and the U.S as consultant, learning facilitator, and researcher. Her dual background in science and business allows her to navigate the two communities with ease. She is also a talent development professional with extensive facilitation experience fostering collaborative learning. 


She is a director at Systemic Development Associates, and a partner at Papillon Transformative Consulting. Prior to joining SDA, Magali worked for IBM, leading programs aiming at enabling sales teams around the world in technologies ranging from Business Process Automation to Cloud and other SaaS solutions. 


She has a strong interest in healing arts from the East such as taichi, yoga and Ayurveda, as well as meditative practices, applied Buddhism and ethics. Magali has an M.S in Electrical Engineering, an MBA in sustainable enterprise, and M.A. in Applied Buddhist Studies. She is a PhD candidate in Health Innovation at Macquarie researching the ethics of Artificial Intelligence applied to Healthcare.  

Future Insight Maps

Education and services partner

An innovative, web-based application, created to enable organizations and communities to gather and develop the wealth of knowledge that resides within.

Future Insight Maps Asia

Education and services partner

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