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Learning together 

Combining academic background, and corporate education, we have an extensive experience in developing learning programmes. Whether in person, online or blended, our offering is learner-centric, and anchored in systemics principles. Learning is a journey, and we see ourselves as facilitators along the way. 

Why learning systemics?

Systemics is an essential skills for the 21st century. 
Building resilience COLLABORATIVELY

Why learn systemics?

Systemics is a different mode of thinking essential to the complex issues we are facing in the 21st century. Adopting a systemics approach allows organisations to navigate uncertainty, build resilience collaboratively, and foster innovation. Our learning programmes are practical, project-based, and designed to equip you with techniques to apply this mode of thinking.


Health centre staff

Helps me think out of the box

Be Systemics
Online Learning

Join a cohort of talented professionals who want to challenge the status quo, and learn how to think differently. The course combines online modules with lively webinars. 

Be Systemics
Online Coaching

This program is project-based. Whether for one or for a team, you learn through the project you are bringing to the table. the coaching is supported by readings and online learning resources. 


We tailor our learning to meet your needs and situations. Whether short intensive, or spread over a longer period of time, with flexible delivery style remote, synchronous, asynchronous.

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